Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Space Saver Bag Small Size

Simple Machine Storage area Bag is prepared with trademarked system of "automatic closure air-tight development after the air filling" to provide practical and more secure operate during the program.
Simply vacuum the air within the bag and the said automated air-seal system will instantly closure the air device by itself to keep longer-lasting vacuum within so as to sustain the operate of wetness evidence, staining avoidance, anti-dusty, anti-odor and anti-insect.
Easy Machine Storage area Bag also decrease the potential of the saved article down to one-fourth of the unique size to save area while saving your articles. It is truly an ideal equipment for everyday life, outside game and journeying outside.
Are you running out of storage area in your house, shop, or even your RV? Well the Simple Bag Jombo Machine Bag is the response to your problems.
The Simple Bag can decrease the storage area of products by up to 75%! Basically position products within the Simple Bag and then leave the air using your vacuum.
Now you have a position to shop both large products like bedding and bedding or special carpet and outfits. The Simple Bag is air-tight and is created from five levels of Low Solidity polyethylene and plastic that will secure your valuables from damage due to water, dirt, wetness, mold, bugs and smells.
Easy Machine Storage area Bag is created by high solitude plastic and the low density straight line polyethylene levels It can be used to keep off cold and heat and avoid the transmission of air.
Benefits of space saver bags

Shrinks Storage area Up To 75%
Works With Any Family Vacuum
Items Will Be Stored In Airtight And Water resistant Environment
Moisture Proof
Dust Proof
Germ Proof
Odor Proof
Insect Proof
Mildew Proof
Prevents Color-Fading


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